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Steam Cooking: Creating a ‘Forever Better’ Lifestyle for you and your Family

Health Benefits
When it comes to the kitchen, one way to achieve a healthier lifestyle is to use steam cooking more frequently in your everyday diet. “Steaming vegetables is a fabulous way to retain vital nutrients, specifically antioxidants that are known to fight inflammation, premature aging, and disease,” explains Christine Avanti, nutritionist and author. “The benefit of steaming vegetables is that you can gently cook food at a low heat, retaining nutrients and texture. Nobody enjoys mushy vegetables, but everybody (even children!) loves crispy, steamed veggies!”
Beyond Broccoli
People think of steaming primarily for vegetables and fish. While these will achieve outstanding results, your menu options for using a steam oven are literally limitless. Did you know: You can prepare entire meals from ingredients like quinoa, bulgur wheat, meats, and poultry as well as puddings, cakes and even breads in a steam oven simultaneously. Traditional steamers and pressure cookers only generate steam slowly and raise the temperature gradually, but Miele steam ovens are constructed with an external steam generator, which is located outside of the oven cavity. This arrangement offers several advantages: First, the oven's interior capacity is greater so you can cook several dishes simultaneously. Also, the temperature is more accurately measured and can be kept at a constant level. When the steam is introduced, it surrounds the food from all sides. This immediate, intense exchange of heat ensures that food is sealed instantly to retain all the vitamins, color, and flavor. Cooking times are also reduced so you and your family can eat faster and energy consumption can be kept to a minimum.
Back to School
For a crash course in cooking with a steam oven, you can sign up for steam cooking classes at some Miele Galleries across the country. “Guests will experience an in-depth interaction with the steam oven during a hands-on cooking class, allowing them to truly experience its versatility,” explains Skyler Stevenson, Public Relations Manager for Miele. “Once they know how, they can begin to create a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.”