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Miele RemoteVision™ and Double Waterproof System
24-Hour Service Monitoring, Ultimate Peace of Mind

Image: Double Waterproof System
Beyond the flawless performance and craftsmanship of Miele appliances is a promise of valued protection and unwavering peace of mind. Two unique Miele engineered innovations that are a testament to this are, RemoteVision™ and Double Waterproof System. 
Miele RemoteVision™ creates a virtual link using WiFi technology between your appliance and Miele’s Service Centers, ensuring 24-hour appliance monitoring. If a fault occurs, such as a power outage or the door to your refrigerator or wine storage unit is accidentally left ajar, an automated troubleshooting email, text message or phone call is sent to alert you.   Not only does this protect the appliance, but also the valuable contents inside. For those with a wine collection, proper storage is essential. Even the slightest change in temperature and humidity can alter the delicate nature of fine wine, making round-the-clock monitoring essential.
Miele's client service center is also notified to assess the situation. If required, a service appointment can be scheduled and a technician will arrive at your home with the necessary parts saving you fewer return visits and reduced downtime with your appliance.   Miele is the first appliance manufacturer in the world to offer RemoteVision™. It is currently available on all Miele refrigeration products, including full-size wine storage systems, select dishwashers and laundry systems.
Double Waterproof System
In addition to the peace of mind offered through RemoteVision™, Miele dishwashers and laundry systems offer the security of a unique waterproof system that is engineered to protect both the appliance and your home.
In the event that a leak or blockage is detected in one of the dishwasher’s hoses, Miele’s “connect and protect” dual-waterproof system automatically shuts off the water supply, while a leak-detector switch located in the bottom pan of the dishwasher reacts within seconds to protect your home from water damage. The interior cavity of the dishwasher is also constructed from a superior grade of stainless steel which ensures the dishwasher will not be punctured by a misplaced fork or knife.
Brilliant engineering details that make Miele appliances truly unique.